Beautifully Undone

In today’s no-filter beauty world, there’s nothing more desirable than effortless cool. It’s that tousled, touchable look, an everyday, undone elegance. InvisiblewearTM is all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple. It’s the ultimate cheat code—freedom from a complex routine.

Come learn more about the all-new InvisibleWearTM during our Beautifully Undone Tour being held at 6 different locations on Monday, August 28th, 2017. Just choose your venue and purchase your ticket!



SLIDELL - Vanguard College of Cosmetology, 740 Oak Harbor Blvd.

METAIRIE - Vanguard College of Cosmetology, 3321 Hessmer Blvd.

BATON ROUGE - Vanguard College of Cosmetology, 12158 Coursey Blvd.

LAFAYETTE - Madalynn Cole Salon & Spa, 1523 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

LAKE CHARLES - Vanguard Professional Store, 3100 Ryan Street

SHREVEPORT - Season's Salon and Events, 624 Texas Street


Ticket Price: $20 (Includes FREE GIFT)

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